FREE Junior tickets to World League!


Attention all Juniors and Parents!

South has been given a number of free tickets for juniors to the World League Game on Friday the 27th June. Depending on the number of juniors that are wanting to go these tickets can be passed on for free or if extra are needed at a very small cost each (approximately $3).

The World League match will see Australia’s Volleyroos (including South’s own Nathan Roberts) face off against Belgium. It is the first time Australia has hosted this competition for 14 years and will be some amazing competition.

Your coaches will contact you all with more information today or tomorrow but if you are wanting a free ticket make sure you let your coach know by the end of Friday.

Each Junior League team will also be given 1 free adult ticket for a parent to act as a supervisor for the group. If additional parents from teams wish to go they can share the cost of tickets between them. They can be ordered through the coaches as well and must also be done by the end of Friday.

If anyone has any questions, please give Wombat a call on 0422 359 100 or email him at