Round 1 Results


Results for Round 1.

League Women started off slowly but rallied to lead 2-1 after the third. Unfortunately Norwood rallied and just pipped us on the line in 5. Great signs though with many ressie girls needing to step up to fill the holes left by 5 outs in the league team.

League Men played a great game against a strong Norwood side. The boys also had the lead but went down in the 5th. Again nothing but positives with the new playing style yielding some great results today.

Reserve Women started really slowly in a Grand Final rematch against Lion. After losing the first two the girls clawed their way back to 5. Unfortunately they ran out of steam and just got beat to the post. A great effort for a small team with many players having to play in other positions than they are used to.

Reserve Men came out and went down in the first set but rallied to knock off Lion in 4. Special mention to Jesse Stone who put his body on the line in defence and paid a heavy price!

Division 1 Women saw the youth of SAVC introduced to real volleyball. The girls went down to an experienced Austral side but certainly showed many good signs for this season.

Division 1 Men also had a Grand Final replay. They went about theirs with little worry however, knocking off Austral in 4.

Great start to the season and I will see everyone at the Marion tonight.